To provide an atmosphere of adult fellowship and youth learning by offering affordable tournaments for Bass Anglers and their family with the goal of building relationships and mentoring our youth while improving our fishing ability

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NBT Junior Program Spotlight

NBT a Great Way to Spend Time with a Child

My son has fished with me since he was big enough to walk. He has a passion for fishing. When he was young and it would be a 100 degree day in Alabama in July with a heat index of 110 degrees he would go fishing with me. The old man would be more than ready to call it quits by 11:00 am, but he would be fired up and wouldn’t want to leave. He started fishing tournaments with me when he was 7 years old. He would fish all day and match most grown men cast for cast all day.

In 2011, when my son was 9 years old, we discovered the National Bass Fishing Trail. I looked at the web site, and we joined immediately. The draw for us was the Junior Division. He could pay an entry fee and fish against the other juniors. Since 2011 we have fished almost all the North Alabama District tournaments. We have fished all the North Alabama District Championships and all the National Championships except for one.

The best memories I have are of the times I have spent with my son on the water. From catching his first Small Mouth to each time he would catch a new personal best to watching him learn new techniques, and the time we spent each June at the Nations are memories I will all ways have.

My son is now 20 years old. He still has a passion for fishing, but he is working full time and going to college part time and he is currently looking to buy his own boat. I know our time together on the water will become less and less, but the memories we have made will last a life time.
If you have a child that has a passion for fishing and you want to create memories that will last a lifetime, the NBT is great way to fulfill that goal.

Michael Moore - NBT Junior Program Director

2023 National Championship

The 2023 National Tournament will be held June 9th -14 on the Cumberland River, Ashland, Tennessee. Practice days will be June 9th-11th, and the Tournament will be the 12th-14th. Off limits will start at midnight May 25th.

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  • One-day tournaments where individuals fish with or without a boat.
  • Non-boaters fish with either a family member or through a partner draw.
  • No mandatory meetings, pre-registration or late fees.
  • Tournament meeting and draw will be held at the ramp the day of the tournament.
  • Boaters are guarantee usage of their boat. If you bring a boat you will have the option to fish from it.
  • Youths 17 and under will fish with the adult that brought them.
  • Non-boaters are welcome. (Please contact District director to make sure of boat availability.)
  • Total pay out is 90% of all money paid in. At each tournament end, 80% of the fees will be paid at the ramp, the other 10% will be paid at the Annual Championship.
  • Tournament reports will be posted on this website, -Standings will be posted monthly on this website.
  • Members can fish in any NBT tournament in the country and their points will count in their home district. -National standings will be determined by top 4 qualifier finishes as well as one District Championship result.
  • Costs:
  • Tournament entry fee is 60$ including the 5$ big bass pot.
  • Of the 60$ tournament entry.
    $5 goes to the Big Bass Pot
    $43 will be paid back at the ramp.
    4$ will go to the director.
    6$ will go towards the national escrow-2$ will go towards operations cost
  • Junior
  • 15$ annual membership.
  • Tournament entry fee is 15$ plus a 5$ big bass option.
  • Of 15$ entry:
    10$ is paid back at the ramp.
    5$ will go towards the national junior escrow.
  • National Bass Fishing Trail Contact Board of Directors